The #1 Reason Startups Fail & The Book To Help You Solve This Problem


Join me while I talk with Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of search engine DuckDuck Go. Gabriel got into the startup world right after college and his company The Names Database was acquired by United Online in 2006 for a reported $10 million. After selling, Gabriel spent some time tweaking new business ideas before merging them to create DuckDuckGo, a search […]

How Yaro Starak Built a Lifestyle Blogging Business That Lets Him Travel the World


Today I’m excited to introduce you to Yaro Starak. You probably know our guest from his popular blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey where he teaches entrepreneurs how to build their business and online ventures. Yaro started using the Internet back in dial-up 1999 days during his time at University. He eventually started a  hobby site earning upwards of $1,000 a month […]

How Ridesharing App Sidecar Competes With Uber & Lyft With A Unique Pricing Model


Join us as we talk with Sidecar Co-founder and CEO, Sunil Paul.  A serial entrepreneur, Sunil is the Founding Partner of the cleantech venture fund Spring Ventures, an angel Investor in LinkedIn and Co-founder of Brightmail. He helped found Sidecar with an intention to change the world and make owning a car obsolete. Keypoint Takeaways:  Differentiating your product in a competitive […]

How I Got a Paid Contract from a Busy CEO in 1 Week with a Cold Email

The following is a guest post by Devesh Khanal, who reached out to me via e-mail with a very compelling cold e-mail. I usually ignore cold e-mails but Devesh really stood out with his offering and wasn’t aggressive at all. He ended up getting a paid contract with me and more leads as a result […]

How A PR Agency Converts 30% Of Their Leads


Join me while I chat with Publicize Founder Conrad Egusa. A serial entrepreneur, Conrad also co-founded Espacio, a co-working space in Medellin, Colombia. He also served as a mentor at The Founder Institute, owns the English speaking news outlet Colombia Reports, and is a former Venture Beat writer. His newest start-up Publicize is looking to disrupt the PR industry. Want to […]