Want to Be A Better Marketer? Act Like A Startup Founder

Let’s talk marketing gurus. Name all the ones you know. Seth Godin’s probably on that list, plus Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki. Add in Jay Conrad Levinson, Martin Lindstrom, a dead copywriter or two, and then you’re all set. Now that you remember those gurus, forget them. Forget Permission Marketing, Influence, Buy-ology, Guerrilla Marketing, whatever. […]

The Factor – A Service That Manages 40,000 Of The World’s Biggest Brands And Has Eclipsed 7 Billion Clicks


Join me as I talk with CEO Mark Josephson. Mark has a 20-year history working with start-ups and new media. He launched his career at an agency with exposure to an eclectic mix of clients before following the skyrocketing growth of new media. Bitly exploded with the rise of Twitter when the business saw a […]


Everyday Life Lessons From Billionaires

Billionaires have a fair amount of useful advice when it comes to building a solid lifestyle. Whether it’s reading voraciously like Warren Buffet or learning to diversify like David Koch, you’ll find that one thing is true: all the billionaires maintain a pigheaded discipline when it comes to following their own rules. From Warren Buffett […]

BuzzStream Founder Paul May Teaches You How To Recover From A Total Product Launch Disaster


Join us as we talk to BuzzStream CEO and founder, Paul May. BuzzStream is an online software helping marketers promote their products, services and content to build links, buzz, and brands. Paul has been entrenched in the start-up world his entire career spanning across 20-years. His original Co-founder, Jeremy Bencken, came fresh from where they focused on long-tail […]

Scott Ruthfield On Growing a Service Business Over 826% In Just Two Years


Today we’re talking with Scott Ruthfield of Rooster Park, a Seattle based recruiting and custom software development consultancy. Scott founded Rooster Park in 2009 to satisfy his obsession with building software at a reasonable cost. Soon companies were asking for help recruiting entire engineering teams. Scott realized an untapped market in engineer focused recruiting and answered the call. Today his […]