How Flippa Became The #1 Market Leader For Buying & Selling Websites


Today we’re talking with the General Manager of Flippa, Nick Kenn. Nick is a marketer by trade working with agencies and businesses like Learnable, Betfair and Flippa’s parent company, SitePoint. Before serving as the General Manager for Flippa, Nick was in the gaming space for 7 years before looking for a smaller company he could […]

How BCDVideo Grew Its Business By 40% During A Recession


Today we’re talking with BCDVideo Founder Jeff Burgess. Working in the IT business since 1979, Jeff ventured out on his own and opened up  his own company in 1999. A chance meeting steered the course of his business into IP video in 2008. While the middle of a recession wasn’t the most promising time to […]


The #1 Reason Startups Fail & The Book To Help You Solve This Problem


Join me while I talk with Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of search engine DuckDuck Go. Gabriel got into the startup world right after college and his company The Names Database was acquired by United Online in 2006 for a reported $10 million. After selling, Gabriel spent some time tweaking new business ideas before merging them to create DuckDuckGo, a search […]


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