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Ep48: How A Middle School Dropout Built A 50 Million Pageview Site At Age 12 And Is Continuing To Crack The Secret To Virality


Today we’re speaking with Emerson Spartz, founder of Spartz Media. Emerson is a young entrepreneur( born in 1987)  and is a New York Times best-selling author, founder and CEO. He’s a middle school drop-out and founded the #1 fan site for Harry Potter,, OMG Facts and Spartz Media portfolio of sites and apps. Today his company launches a new site […]

Ep46: How Flippa Became The #1 Market Leader For Buying & Selling Websites


Today we’re talking with the General Manager of Flippa, Nick Kenn. Nick is a marketer by trade working with agencies and businesses like Learnable, Betfair and Flippa’s parent company, SitePoint. Before serving as the General Manager for Flippa, Nick was in the gaming space for 7 years before looking for a smaller company he could […]


Ep44: The #1 Reason Startups Fail & The Book To Help You Solve This Problem


Join me while I talk with Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of search engine DuckDuck Go. Gabriel got into the startup world right after college and his company The Names Database was acquired by United Online in 2006 for a reported $10 million. After selling, Gabriel spent some time tweaking new business ideas before merging them to create DuckDuckGo, a search […]

Ep36: Why An Avalanche Of New Customers Isn’t Always A Good Thing


Today we’re joined by Tempo AI Founder and CEO Raj Singh. Coming from an engineering background, Raj fell into the mobile space by luck in 1998 and has dabbled in gaming, music, video, lifestyle, utility, and productivity. But it wasn’t until he started thinking about how he always seemed to be late for everything that he got the […]

Ep35: How A 28 Year Old CEO Parlayed His $20M Company Into A Profitable Franchise Business In A Year


Meet Brenton Hayden, one of the nation’s largest landlords who “retired” at 28. Founder and Chairman of Renters Warehouse, Brenton saw a need for a more sophisticated professional landlord service that helps everyday homeowners and real estate investors manage their properties. To date, it’s the second largest professional landlord service in the country. Brenton is […]

Ep33: How Ari Zoldan Built An eCommerce Juggernaut With Millions In Revenue & 4,566% Growth


Hear a story about obsessively hiring top talent and explosive eCommerce growth with CEO Ari Zoldan of Quantum Networks. A self-proclaimed “entrepreneur by trade”, Ari started his career in telecom and technology and moved into new media. He oversaw the company’s growth from a start-up to $50 million in revenue. Ari is a regular commentator for CNN, […]

Ep31: How vWorker CEO Ian Ippolito Saved His Online Business After Losing 4 Million Visitors Overnight


Hear how Ian Ippolito, former founder of vWorker (today known as, and previously known as Rent-a-Coder) stumbled into Internet marketing success not once, but twice. Ian holds a degree in computer science and started out his career company-hopping and consulting before growing frustrated with the roadblocks to innovation and change in being an employee. He decided to launch […]

Ep30: How Productivity App Lift Got 50,000 Customers Through Its Undervalued Marketing Strategy


Today we’re talking to Lift co-founder and CEO, Tony Stubblebine. With a brand messaging to “succeed at everything”, Lift helps you achieve goals by coaching you to success through guidance, encouragement and optional reminders. Tony is a start-up junkie, previously serving as the CEO of CrowdVine Event Social Networks, part of the launch teams for companies like Wesabe, and Director […]


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